Day Adventures


Take a hike with us to see ancient ruins and rock art, or to visit some of the most unique geological features on our planet. Our tours explore destinations that are significant to the cultural and historical value of the Bears Ears region. The Bears Ears buttes are features of the landscape used to identify the region. Views of the buttes can be seen heading north on county road 261. Views of the buttes are not included on tours, unless otherwise indicated. 

Four Corners School Adventure Education trips throughout the Bears Ears Region are developed to create a sense of place and wonder. With education and hands-on learning, groups can experience more from their environment. Each trip dives into the local ecology, geology, and human history that make this area unique. Lunch is included.


$140/person (minimum of two people, maximum of 10 people per tour)

Inquire about group rates or multiple day options!

All tours begin at 8:00 a.m. at the Canyon Country Discovery Center in Monticello, UT.  Inquire about hotel pick-ups and drop offs.




San Juan River

This hike takes you from the desert plateau, down a historical road cut into an improbable route, and winds down into a lush canyon filled with song birds and willow. As we walk down to the confluence with the San Juan River to Kachina petroglyph panel, we'll see a few small ruins that provide an interesting cultural experience on this walk through history.

Moderate: Some rolling terrain with elevation change and less frequent nature stops.


Mule Canyon

Join us as we hike up this beautiful canyon on Cedar Mesa. There are seven separate ruins along this route. We’ll hike past the exceptionally well-preserved Wall Ruin and a set of granaries called House on Fire that happen to be one of the most photogenic ruins in the Bears Ears Region. Due to rock coloration and the location of the sun, this structure can sometimes appear to be on fire. While this is a generally straightforward hike, there are a couple of spots in which we walk along off camber slick rock and hop along the seasonal creek.

Moderate: Some rolling terrain with elevation change and less frequent nature stops.


Lower Butler Wash

Located near the top of the Comb Ridge monocline lies Procession Panel, one of the most spectacular petroglyph panels in a serene and awe-inspiring setting. We will hike across Butler Wash and up the slick rock to this one of a kind feature. From the top we’ll take in the 360-degree views of the Abajo Mountains, Cedar Mesa, Valley of the Gods and the San Juan River. A visit to Wolfman panel on the way back catches the best afternoon light. 

Strenuous: Aerobic level for those who prefer elevated heart rate and fewer nature stops.