Canyon Country Discovery Center Campus Programs

Visit our Canyon Country Discovery Center campus! All our campus programs are experiential and place-based, engaging students and teachers with their local Colorado Plateau environment, community, and resources. Students and Teachers can learn a wide range of science concepts that use place-based NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities across grades K-12, all aligned with Common Core State Standards.

Teachers are welcome to schedule a date for our education staff to engage your students in nature and science learning. School programs are from one to two hours of engaging, imaginative, creative, FUN. We offer two options:

  • Learning Station (Exhibits) Exploration – Explore our Exhibit Hall with a Discovery Guide and 30 Colorado Plateau science and nature center learning stations that are fun and a bit messy!
  • Classroom Exploration – Experiment and investigate science practices in our classroom, lab, or outdoor classroom. 

Join us for 30 minute programs or 1 hour programs

Bookbinding (1 hour)
Explore the ancient art of bookbinding. Using the Japanese stab binding, make two books to take home with you.

Clay Jewelry (30 minutes)
Use air dry clay to make a pendant for a necklace using techniques that have been in use for generations.

Caught in its Tracks (30 minutes / 1 hour)
Learn basic forensic techniques in figuring out which animals were wreaking havoc in the garden!

Create a Crater – (30 minutes)
Make an impact or volcanic crater just like the real thing (except smaller)!

Creativity with Plants (30 minutes / 1 hour)
Younger visitors will create leaf rubbings and collages with natural objects. Older visitors will create botanical illustrations, discovering how to closely observe plants and how good observation techniques contribute to drawing better illustrations.

Introduction to Topographic Maps (1 hour)
The mapping of the US in topographic quadrangles was initiated by John Wesley Powell, the first voyage down the canyons of the Green and Colorado rivers in 1869. Start in the classroom with some introductory activities; then apply your knowledge at the Augmented Reality Sandbox in our rotunda!

Mountain Building (30 minutes)
Discover how the local Abajo (Blue) Mountains were formed through hands-on experiments and exploration.

Plant Walk (30 minutes)
Join an educator for a walk around the campus to look at plants. The walk may focus on ecology, plants the native people of the area used for their survival, wildflower identification, and more.

Plunging into Pond Water (1 hour)
Examine pond water through the lens of a microscope to discover the small but mighty organisms that call this habitat home.

Pollinators at Play (30 minutes)
Listen to a story about pollination and then enact a story written by your group using local wildflower and pollinator puppets on a stage.

Reason for the Season (30 minutes)
Take a trip that is out of this world to discover what causes the seasons to change then head back to Earth to investigate the weather in Monticello, Utah.

Solar Spectacular (30 minutes)
Safely look at the sun with a solar scope! Find out how solar activity affects GPS and other devices on Earth!

Smarter Houses (30 minutes)
Construct a paper “house” and experiment with how well sunlight through the window helps heat the house


Email Four Corners School at or call 800-525-4456 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. A member of the Discovery Center staff will answer general questions, offer scheduling suggestions, and provide you with a pre-program questionnaire. This questionnaire must be returned before a program can be scheduled. Bookings are accepted on a first come first serve basis.