GSI Cookware Makes Better Food!

25 April 2016 Published in CCYC Blog

GSI-bringing together hungry FCS clientele

As we gear up for our spring and summer adventures on the Colorado Plateau, the Four Corners School of Outdoor Education is thankful to GSI Outdoors for their donation of utensils and cookware! Without these items, our youth corps members would not be fed! We rely on GSI donations of percolators, propane stoves, plates, knives, bowls, and pans to make the food that nourishes our fierce Canyon Country Youth Corps.

At the end of a 10-hour day sawing invasive Russian Olive and Tamarisk trees, knee-deep in swift-moving, chilly river water, our youth conservation corps members are not only hungry; they look at dinner as the highlight of their day! The warmth of the stove brings crews together to brag about their daring feats of chainsaw destruction over a hot meal. The delicious food keeps our crews happy and ready for another long day of work in the field.

The Four Corners School of Outdoor Education appreciates our GSI cookware to help the Canyon Country Youth Corps protect the Colorado Plateau.

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