A Tribute to Matt Del Grosso

24 July 2015 Published in CCYC Blog

We are deeply saddened to report that a member of our 2013 alumni, Matt Del Grosso, was killed in a climbing accident on May 21, 2015. He fell approximately 80 feet while climbing in Green Canyon near Logan, UT. Matt was 23 and in his first year of study at Utah State University with a goal to earn his doctorate in evolutionary biology. Unfortunately, Matt had only been back in Logan for 10 days, having just returned from three months of fieldwork in the rain forests of Panama researching behavioral patterns of bees.

Matt loved the outdoors and was fervently interested in environmental conservation. He spent almost a year serving with AmeriCorps in the Canyon Country Youth Corps, where he worked to eliminate invasive species near Escalante, UT. Matt was extremely active and engaged in outdoor pursuits and his joy of life was contagious to all those lucky enough to have spent time working, learning, and recreating beside him.

Crewmembers, crew leaders, and office staff remember Matt as "extremely intelligent," "easy-going" and "passionate about everything." He was always willing to give a helping hand wherever it was needed and always brought with him a positive, optimistic outlook on life. Matt loved the Southwest and his enthusiasm for the surrounding Utah wilderness, and about life in general, is to be admired and emulated. He taught us a lot, about nature and about how to enjoy life more fully. He will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Matt's family and friends.