Canyonlands Hitch with the NPS

11 May 2015 Published in CCYC Blog
The crew amidst Tamarisk destruction The crew amidst Tamarisk destruction

Sometimes, in this line of work, you have to pinch yourself to really appreciate how great this experience is. Our crew had the opportunity to boat down the Colorado River with the National Park Service straight into Canyonlands National Park. Working on the Confluence of the Colorado and Green rivers was magical. Looking up at the canyons as we were boating or enjoying our lunch break made me realize how great we have it. We WORK where most people visit for vacation. When other boatmen wave and thank us for our work it truly makes a 10 hour day laboring in the hot sun very much worth it.

Our project consisted of clearing the Tamarisk away from all of the native trees up on the banks of the river. One of the coolest things we saw was an extremely old Hackberry tree. In the desert, Hackberry grows very slowly. You may find one that is only about 6 inches in diameter but it is actually 100 years old. This one was closer to 2 feet wide! Jake, our project leader, estimated ours to be at least 500 years old! That's older than our country! Talk about mind blowing stuff! We love it out here and work hard to make our environment a better place each and every day. We want more people to be able to experience the things we get to see every day we work.