Meet our Head Crew Leaders, Whitney and Mark!

09 March 2015 Published in CCYC Blog
Head Crew Leaders Whitney and Mark hard at work in 2014 Head Crew Leaders Whitney and Mark hard at work in 2014

Sage and the smell of dirt during an afternoon rain storm; bar oil and gasoline; hard work and sweat; crackling fires and camp dinner. These are some of my favorite things! They are just some of the smells that are reminiscent of the corps lifestyle here at CCYC. And they are soon to be some of your favorite things as well if you are lucky enough to be one of the 7 incoming new members of the Crew Leader in Development Program!

My name is Whitney and along with my friend Mark, we will be the head crew leaders for the 2015 Spring season. I fell deeply in love with the Southwest last year during my time as a CLDP'er in the Spring and then as a crew leader in the Summer and Fall. I've been traveling and doing related seasonal work for the past 3 years now, mostly on the west coast, and I can safely tell you that Utah has my heart.

Co-Leader Mark here! Myself and Whitney are beyond excited about the start of the new season. The Four Corners region is an extremely unique and breathtaking place that has an incredible amount to offer. Doing the kind of work we do in the places we do it in has honestly changed my life for the better and given me new goals and aspirations. The CLDP program helped me to realize what kind of leader I am and how I can fully embrace myself instead of trying to emulate others. I'll never forget the great times we had last year and cannot wait to create some wonderful memories with a brand new crew.

As we are gearing up for the start of the season, we have been busy getting things ready at base camp. This past week, we have been organizing trail tools and camp gear as well as working on chainsaws to be ready to take out next week as part of our field training. Make sure to check back on our blog weekly to follow us on our projects and see us in action!

Life Elevated - that's what Utah's welcoming state sign reads as you cross into Canyon Country. It's beautiful here and we are so very fortunate to get to live, work, and play in such a captivating desert landscape.